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In this month's newsletter, we find out how Buy Now Pay Later can impact your loan application and ways to overcome Zoom fatigue.  

With the Australian Tax Office now processing the 2020-2021 tax returns, it’s important to understand what you need to provide the ATO when it comes to your investments. We’ve provided a list of information to help.

Superannuation is generally a long-term investment, so when it comes to choosing a super fund, you can go with your employer’s default fund or choose your own. Discover what you should look for when choosing a super fund and how to compare different funds. 

Buy Now Pay Later is becoming increasingly popular. However, if you’re applying for a loan you may want to look at how BNPL purchases can affect your approval for a loan.

There is always risk involved when choosing to invest your hard-earned cash. Find out what some of the risks are when investing your money and alternatively, what may happen if you don’t invest at all. 

Did you know ‘Zoom fatigue’ was a thing? Working from home can mean more Zoom meetings and this could be causing Zoom fatigue. In our final article, we explore what it is, and suggest a few ideas you can put in place to overcome it.

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