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The Latest News and Views from Ascent Wealth Management

Welcome to another News and Views, in what continues to be a very speedily disappearing 2019 !

This month has really been "more of the same" from world economies.  Brexit and trade wars continue to dominate the discussions, and remain the most talked about of financial matters in our practice life.  Notwithstanding, markets continue to be particularly kind, seemingly recognising that their are some positives out there.

This month's news focusses on both the near term happenings; Bob Cunneen from ThreeSixty Research highights the dominate issues that are moving markets and the prospects ahead.  The rise of Global markets has not been without volatility, but up until recently progress has outpaced that of Australia.   Bob offers the thesis of green shoots that may see more stability in both.

We then take the view out a bit to examine the "story" behind the track that the share index has taken over the long term.  As difficult as short term volatility is to handle, this chart is a welcome reassurance of the power of markets over the long term.  Please take the time to download your copy of the Vanguard Index Chart from the link provided in the article-  When you think the world is about to end, and markets collapse- take a look at the history - we've been here before! 

Managing short term volatility is possible, and one of the best tools to do this is the oldest of philosophies "don't put all your eggs in the one basket".  My next article examines the comfort that diversification provides to long term wealth builders; these strategies have been a long term feature of the work that I do for people, and have been from the depths of the GFC, to where we stand today.  

One of the most important vehicles that we use toward building wealth is Superannuation.  More and more people are becoming interested in taking on some level of self determination; as an SMSF Specialist Adviser, I have the tools and knowledge to assist people who are looking to make this change.  My next article discusses the increasing numbers of younger people that are using Self Managed Super Funds to house their long term wealth.  Whether they are suitable has become a much more complicated question these days, with reducing costs within retail and industry super funds; not withstanding, the best way, the only way to find out if the Self Managed way is right for you, is to get some advice; advice we are happy to provide at Ascent Weslth Management.

Lastly, with summer approaching at speed, our mind turns to holdays.  My last piece this month examines some of the more sustainable options that are emerging these days.  We hope you get some inspiration and can find the time to sneak away and enjoy some of these ideas!

Lastly, and as always, thanks for your ongoing support.  We are only a phone call or email away and are ready to help with friends and family if they also have a need.


Steve and Katrina